My name is Louis Jackson and I am the Algebra I and I teach a course of Algebra II here at Luling High School. I am glad to be entering into my 6th year here in LISD. I have taught 3 years at Gilbert Gerdes Junior High as the 8th grade math  and Algebra I teacher, where I loved the faculty and the students. This will be my third year as the Algebra I teacher for LHS. I have my Bachelors Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and minored in Mathematics from Sam Houston State University. My wife, three small children, and I live in Luling where we love our community and the small town life. My purpose here in Luling is to educate the students in the understanding of mathematics, it is a partnership between the students and I for them to have success.
 To teach students a better understanding of mathematics by providing them with the tools to be successful, so that they may use math in a way that benefits them in the present and future. 
  Why teach math? I teach math because I was a struggling student when I was in high school. I feel who better to teach a concept that knows what students will struggle with and now as an educator I enjoy math and finding out new ways to teach students.