Hello, and welcome to Ms. Aleman's webpage at Luling High School!

I teach English 2, English 2 Pre-AP, and Photojournalism & Advanced Journalism, and I love every minute of my job!  That's no understatement. Exploring, developing, and advancing adult level reading and writing are strong passions of mine, and I feel blessed to have experienced great success teaching young people to be effective readers and writers.

I graduated from Texas State University @ San Marcos (Southwest Texas State University when I walked across the stage) with a major in Occupational Education, a minor in English, and a certification track in Secondary Education. I have also completed 18 hours of my Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction with a focus on Secondary Education Curriculum & Instruction.  During spring and summer of 2016, I participated in and completed the Write for Texas Teacher Leadership Academy and now serve as an instructor and mentor to other teachers striving to add more writing into their classes.  
My professional goals include Teacher Leadership in the form of staff training and student teacher supervision.  One of my goals was achieved last year when I was named English Department Chair.  Other goals I continuously participate in include being a mentor teacher, providing staff professional development, and being a good leader and role model for students and teachers. While working on the first part of my M.Ed. at University of Houston Victoria, I served as a graduate assistant for a Linguistics professor and acted as his graduate teaching assistant; that meant I worked directly with Education majors striving to become teachers, too. That experience taught me much about myself and the kind of teacher I work hard to be on a daily basis.

Personally, I love to travel and have lead four student tours since 2006, three of which were to Costa Rica and one to the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S. I truly believe today's secondary students need to prepare themselves for an ever-growing global community, which means any experiences they can gain through traveling only aids their future success in life and career. I've also visited many locations throughout the United States, my most recent and favorite so far being Alaska!  What a beautiful country we have, and I cannot wait to see more!  

I am dedicated to my job and my students; they are part of who I am and are family members in my personal circle. We spend a great deal of time together during the year, and I view it as my calling in life to help young people fine tune who they are and what they can become as adults. One of my life mantras is "Do whatever it takes to positively achieve your goals!" Perhaps that is why I love dragonflies and refer to them as my symbol; these mighty insects adapt in any way necessary to survive, including flying backward and diving under water to catch their prey. I, too, will adapt however necessary to help my students and school achieve success in education.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns and wish to reach me, please send me an email. I promise to get back to you in a timely fashion.  Parents are always welcomed in my classroom, to observe or volunteer.  Students of mine have my cell phone number. Remember, the moment you have a question is the best time to learn the answer, so don't procrastinate!

Here's to a wonderful school year and greatness in progress! GO EAGLES!  #EagleStrong

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