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     Our staff strives to empower and prepare students to be productive members of our communities. We offer assistance for personal support, career and post-secondary school guidance, and academic assistance.

Boutique Day 2019 - Looking for a prom dress and jewelry?  Make an appointment and maybe you will find yours!  The flyer below has information about the day.
2020 Free TACC Summer Camps (9th - 11th grade students):

Code@TACC Cybersecurity for current 10th - 11th graders (no coding experience necessary) – Cybersecurity career opportunities and how to get certified in this field (recruiting students who want to learn cybersecurity career options or might be taking a gap year) June 7 – 13, 2020. 2019 Video: https://utexas.box.com/s/e1hpx2krlr1ngdco0owsdg0it1jh7wlw


Code@TACC Robotics for current 9th & 10th graders (entry level / no coding experience) – Learn to program autonomous driving vehicles (recruiting for students with minimum to no coding experience but have a willingness to learn) June 28 – July 4, 2020. 2019 Video: https://utexas.box.com/s/u2bbgefr7klu69kk1s8hloyki6ecdian


Code@TACC Connected for current 10th & 11th graders (prior coding experience) – Using engineering and computer science to create devices that detect and respond to input from the physical environment (recruiting students who have a some prior coding knowledge) July 12 – 18, 2020. 2019 Video: https://utexas.box.com/s/1mw48wf0562lalj6gqcssy0fe5in63rc