Sreya Patel » Introduction


Hello everyone!


My name is Ms. Sreya Patel, and I am the medical sciences teacher in the Science Department. The courses I will be teaching are Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Terminology, and Pathophysiology.  I am a firm believer in listening to each individual student’s needs, while also capturing the needs of the class as a whole and progressing them forward. Because of this, I am able to form a close connection with the students and help them flourish in their coming college and career experience.

So a little about me... I received my Bachelor of Science in Biology at Texas State University and plan to soon start my Masters degree. I am skilled in interpersonal communication, teaching both audio/visual as well tactile learners, and possess a very friendly upbeat nature. I also am a firm believer in personal healthy living, currently do yoga, and have started weight training. When I’m not doing those things, my free time is spent traveling with family and friends or playing with my Rottie named Rajee! 

I love spending time with the students, making sure they understand the topic matter thoroughly, and ensuring they are fully prepared for what they can expect at the college level and beyond. It is this, or rather the lack of my experience in receiving this when I was in school, that helped drive me to become a teacher. I want to be the teacher who really helps the students and opens their minds to the world they will one day lead.

As a result of my own education background, and my experience with both family and friends who were teachers all their lives, I now have the opportunity to bring these essential lessons to the school. I am determined to ensure the students not only learn what is necessary for their exams and assignments, but genuinely learn the material so that it sticks with them and ignites their passion and hunger for more.

Feel free to stop by room 108!